Faculty members, researchers and Ph.D. students of the group.



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Undregraduate and Graduate courses in Theoretical Physics



Seminars of high energy physics and cosmology in Athens.


about our group

The High Energy Theory group is part of the Theoretical and Computational Physics group of the Physics Department of the National Technical University. It consists of 10 faculty members, 5 postdoctoral teaching staff and researchers and 21 Ph.D. students working in related areas. Historically, the group started in the 80s having as group leader Professor G. Tiktopoulos. The larger group covers the areas of theoretical physics in high energy and particle theory, gravity, cosmology and condensed matter theory.

The research activities of the High Energy Theory group are on supersymmetry and supergravity, cosmology, superstring theory, modified theories of gravity, AdS/CFT duality, phenomenology, lattice gauge theories, black holes, quantum gravity, infinite-dimensional symmetries, and noncommutative geometry.

The group supports related courses in the undergraduate and graduate curricula of the Physics Department and offers Ph.D. positions in the above-mentioned research areas.

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