The members of the group are working on a variety of problems in phenomenology, superstring theory, gravity, cosmology and quantum field theories on the lattice. A partial list of these problems is:

Perturbative and non perturbative quantum field theories, supersymmetry and supergravity, string inspired phenomenology of Grand Unified Theories, inflationary cosmology, gravitational waves in generalized gravity, technicolor, phenomenology and detection of dark matter, lattice gauge theories, primordial black holes, neutron stars, modified theories of gravity, AdS/CFT duality, superstring theory, matrix models and nonperturbative string theory, phenomenology of Horava-Lifschitz QFTs, massive gravity, unified theories and fuzzy extra dimensions, inifinite dimensional symmetries and non commutative geometry, finite unified theories, dimensional reduction over coset spaces, non commutative gravity, gauge/gravity duality, non supersymmetric hologrphy, flavor symmetries and axions, the complex action problem in Monte Carlo simulations.

Some of the group's most recent publications are shown below (for a full list click here):